How is it monitored?

In this article, we will show you how to open iptv code and iptv channel, ie m3u linking. Opening iptv m3u link with VLC Media Player is not a difficult thing to do. It is not difficult for those who have never used VLC Media Player or limited information about VLC Media Player I will briefly and effectively explain what happened to friends.

Let's start by downloading and installing VLC Media Player from this site which is its own site.
link: http: //
IPTV Code Opening:
Once installed, open the VLC Player and click on the '' Media '' tab in the upper left corner. Click 'Open Network Flow'. Type the iptv m3u code you want to open or type in the box you see on the screen by copy-and-paste. Then click 'Play'.

Alternatively, to open it faster, open the program directly and paste the IPTV code by pressing the same CTRL + V key on any iptv m3u link you copied and press the "Play" button. Publications will be opened.

IPTV Channel List Opening:
If your list is m3u list and you have downloaded your computer by pasting it to the browser, right click on the m3u file you downloaded and click on "Open with", then find the VLC Media Player program and start watching the broadcasts.


Open the VLC Media Player program and click on the playlist button at the bottom of the Player window. Then click on the VLC Media Player program and drag and drop it to the VLC Media Player program. Your channels will be uploaded.